Student / Advisor Ratio Definitions

Methodology, Definitions, Notes, & Sources

Undergraduates per Professional Academic Advisor


Professional Academic Advisors
Advisers in the colleges and schools assist students in understanding the requirements necessary to complete their chosen major, inform them about appropriate course sequences and course content, and provide information about graduate school and career opportunities.

FTE Academic Advisors
The figures are based on the percentage and duration of the appointment assigned to academic advising.

Undergraduates per Advisor

The ratio of the number of undergraduates to the total number (headcount) of advisors.

Undergraduates per FTE Advisor
The ratio of the number of undergraduates to the FTE number of advisors.

The undergraduate headcount figures which includes Post Baccalaureate students.


Does not include faculty or teaching positions except for individuals with partial appointments as professional academic advisors.
The UT Brownsville and UT Pan American campuses closed at the end of AY 2015. UT Rio Grande Valley began enrolling students in Fall 2015.


  • UT System Academic Institutions (Advisors)
  • Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (Undergraduates)