Percent of Undergraduate (UG) Semester Credit Hours (SCHs) by Tenure Status

Semester Credit Hours (SCHs)

The number of semester credit hours for a course multiplied by the total enrollment for that course. For example, a three hour course with 50 students enrolled is equal to 150 semester credit hours.


Calculating Percent of UG SCHs by Tenure Status

Annual SCHs for undergraduates only is calculated for each academic year by tenure status (tenured/tenure-track, non-tenured, and teaching assistants). The SCH values by tenure status are divided by the total number of UG SCHs produced in that academic year to arrive at the percent of UG SCHs produced for each tenure category.


Academic year includes fall and spring semester only. Flex courses were included in the SCH calculations.


Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board data from the Course Inventory (CBM003), Course Report (CBM004) and Faculty Report (CBM008).

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