COVID-19 Related Research at UT System

COVID-19: Impact on Student Success

July 2020

The UT System leadership requested that the eight academic institutions and six health institutions submit data about students in Spring 2019 and Spring 2020. In this brief, OIRA examines student success data received to answer the following question:  

  •  How did numbers differ between Spring 2019 and 2020 among academic institutions?
  •  How did numbers differ between Spring 2019 and 2020 among health institutions? 

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Unemployment During COVID-19

June 2020

158 million people are in the U.S. civilian labor force; almost 21 million were unemployed in May—an unemployment rate of 13.3 percent. Although still very high, that reflected an unexpected decline of 1.4 points from April’s rate of 14.7 percent. This decline was not felt equally across all populations. In fact, the unemployment rate for Black and for Asian people ticked slightly higher. Of those unemployed in May, 71 percent reported an unemployment duration of 5 to 14 weeks.

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COVID-19 and the Transition to Remote Learning at UT Institutions: Uneven Access to Internet and Technology in Texas

April 2020

In response to the national social distancing requirements, institutions in UT System have transitioned to distance learning. The Office of Institutional Research and Analysis (OIRA) created the Internet and Technology Access Dashboard, which provides the percentage of Texas households with internet and technology access to help users understand how students might be impacted by transitioning to distance learning this semester. The related PowerBI report below provides information on:

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