UT System Measures Up

The University of Texas (UT) System is committed to transparency and is driving success by making critical information about its operations readily available to stakeholders through the UT System Dashboard. The UT System Measures Up section on the website highlights key metrics in each of the UT System mission areas. For further information, detailed data, and context for a metric, click on Learn More in metrics below.

Learn more about undergraduate tuition and fees

Learn more about the affordability of medical education

Learn more about student success and degrees awarded

Learn more about STEM and health degrees awarded

Learn more about earnings differential for bachelor's degree completers vs. non-completers

Learn more about the return on investment of bachelor's degrees

Learn more about research expenditures

Learn more about retaining medical residents to work in state

Learn more about patient satisfaction

Learn more about funding trends at academic institutions

Learn more about the state economic impact



seekUT is a free online resource for designed to help current and prospective students make informed decisions about their education and plan for their financial future. Data include earnings and student debt of UT graduates by major, industries of employment, and future job market projections.

Fast Facts

The University of Texas System Fast Facts provides quick insights and answers to questions pertaining to all 14 UT System institutions. Areas of interest include: students and faculty; research; campus tuition, fees, and financial aid; faculty honors; and the budget, among others.

Completion Matters

This new research brief examines the difference in earnings for UT System students who did and did not complete their undergraduate degree.


The UT System SmartBook is a handy reference providing a by-the-numbers overview of the mission areas of UT System. Find key data on student enrollment and demographics, degrees awarded, graduation rates, faculty counts, research and technology transfer, and budget information.