About the UT System Dashboard

UT System is a national leader in accountability and transparency. The UT System Dashboard further increases transparency; effectively measures productivity, efficiency, and impact; and clearly demonstrates accountability. The UT System Dashboard is a business intelligence and data visualization system that includes web-based applications for extracting and analyzing institutional data. Its purpose is to provide current data, trends over time, and comparative benchmarking across a variety of metrics in support of better decision- and policy-making. Additional analyses in the form of data narratives, policy papers, and briefs are also available.

The Office of Institutional Research and Analysis (OIRA) continually updates and adds data, more metrics, and more levels of drill through, so check back often.

Please send your comments, questions and suggestions to the UT System Dashboard team.


Office of Institutional Research and Analysis

Mission. The mission of OIRA is to transform data into timely and meaningful information to support UT System initiatives and policy decisions and to enhance insight, transparency, and accountability.

Vision. The Office of Institutional Research and Analysis at the University of Texas System strives to:

  • Capture meaningful data that will benefit students, faculty, and administrators
  • Conduct research that is informative and applicable to the UT System mission and missions of the UT institutions
  • Create and promote data-related innovations that enhance UT System decision points and stakeholder engagement
  • Maintain an environment that respects data and ensures its security, reliability, and validity
  • Set national and state precedents on higher education research and business intelligence

Values. The Office of Institutional Research and Analysis is committed to and emphasizes:

  • Integrity. We provide and share findings in an ethical and unbiased manner, regardless of the audience.
  • Innovation. We aim to think outside traditional ways of presenting information and to be a model example for Institutional Research.
  • Transparency. We make data and information about the UT System publicly accessible.
  • Collaboration. We work in partnership with other UT System offices, institutions, and external stakeholders to achieve shared goals.
  • Communication. We promote an environment conducive to the exchange of information that supports critical thinking.




If you need assistance accessing any part of the Dashboard, contact the UT System Dashboard team.

The Dashboard reports are built on a third-party platform, Microsoft PowerBI. Read more detail on this software's conformance report with Section 508 Accessibility Standards.