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Degrees Awarded

Degrees awarded represents the number of degrees conferred in a fiscal (or academic) year, including each semester— fall, spring, and summer. Degrees awarded does not represent the number of students receiving awards; instead, it is the total number of degrees awarded—which may include multiple awards for some students.

Degrees Awarded (used by IPEDS - Completions)

Represents the number of degrees and other formal awards (certificates) conferred during an entire academic year, from July 1 of one calendar year through June 30 of the following year.

Doctoral Degree (IPEDS - Completions)

The highest award a student can earn for graduate study. Summarized across old and new classification levels (Doctor’s degree- other, Doctor’s degree- professional practice, Doctor’s degree- research/scholarship, Doctor’s degree – old).

Doctoral Level

A student admitted to an approved doctoral degree program at the institution. Such students are those who a) have been officially admitted to a doctoral program, and b) have completed a master's degree which the institution recognizes as the equivalent of one year's work toward the doctoral degree on which the student is working, or at least 30 semester credit hours of work toward the proposed degree.

Dashboard Race & Ethnicity Groupings
  • White
  • African American (includes 'Multi-Racial, including African American' category)
  • Hispanic
  • Asian (includes 'Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander' category)
  • International
  • Other Races (includes 'American Indian or Alaskan Native'; 'Multi-Racial, excluding African-Americans'; and Unknown categories)
Discounts & Allowances (used by IPEDS - Finance)

Discounts and allowances applied to tuition and fees are reductions to the amount charged for tuition and fees by the application of scholarships and fellowships. This amount is equal to the amount of scholarships applied to tuition and fees.